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Oakland, CA

Design and Illustration work by Alexandra Hackett




High Viz is a flagship line of dog toys by R2P Pet, designed specifically for the way dogs see. In 2014 they wanted to re-design the line to refresh and modernize the items, and give a sporty active look. I created new branding, packaging, and an entire line of new items using the two core colors, and additional pop colors. I used bold patterns reminiscent of surf and snow sport brands. The toys are clean, modern shapes that are easy to grip and retrieve, perfect for outdoor play and active dogs. 


Luchadog is a line of Luchador themed dog toys that I created for R2P Pet. This was a really fun line of products to work on, I designed a logo and a range of different toys using bright colors, bold lines, and unique characters. 


Monsters! Who doesn't love them? These toys were designed for R2P Group, Inc. for a new monster themed dog toy line. The key to making these great was choosing fun, eye catching materials, adorable monster features, and - since these are for dogs - a crinkle filling so the toy crunches and crinkles with every chomp. I started by doing some monster research, and then worked on preliminary sketches, scanned them and did the majority of the work in Adobe Illustrator. After the designs were complete and approved they were sent out to be manufactured. The best part of product design is seeing 2D illustrations come to life.



The Catty Coil cat toy is a design for the Sprong! line of cat toys for R2P Group, Inc. The idea behind the toy was to create a unique toy that emulated a string, but that was solid and could roll, slide, and generally be batted around without tangling or being destroyed (or eaten, as some cats eat string). The final product is a solid plastic piece coated in super soft and fuzzy non-toxic flocking, colored with brilliant vegetable based dyes. There are two sizes, a long version, and a shorter rounder version that can potentially be merchandized as a two-pack. The Catty Coil toy inspired additional designs utilizing the same materials, including the Coil Spider which is a super fun, high-pile plush bug with fuzzy coil legs. More Coil bugs are in the works and I have included images of my illustrations below.

The Original Catty Coil

The Original Catty Coil

Coil Critter Illustrations

Coil Critter Illustrations

First round Coil Spider cat toy

First round Coil Spider cat toy